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35 South Main St


Michele and Abby together are a force to be reckoned with. They have an outstanding understanding for food and what works. And not only is the food that they prepare outstanding, but so is their partnership. They cannot wait for their business to grow and expand and to bring to Yardley their own taste of what they want to eat for lunch and dinner.


​Resident Italian

Michele is best known for her way of making everything taste the way it should or hoped it would be. She has a way in the kitchen and everything she touches tastes like you're getting it from an authentic kitchen in the heart of Italy. She loves cooking and how food brings people together. She looks forward to bringing joy to your food and works tirelessly to make your experience at Lena's one you'll want to experience again.


Abby is best known for her culinary training at the Culinary Instistiute of America and working with great Chefs such as Mario Battali. She was worked as a producer for Rachael Ray for the past seven years and looks forward to making her current endeavor a success. Abby has an amazing feel for food and what works, she is a true talent. Nothing stops Abby from making everything brought to you as perfect as it could possibly be.

35 South Main St

Yardley Pa 19067

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